The Colony, Season 2

I’m happy to report that a second season of The Colony will soon be airing on The Discovery Channel!  Starting July 27th, we can all tune in to watch a specially selected group of folks face every post-Apocalyptic menace imaginable, with the possible exception of zombies.  The first season of The Colony was most excellent, and I reviewed it every week, as I plan to review this season.  My reviews gained me limited recognition from the cast via Twitter and a really nasty hate mail from a fan of the show.  Be sure to join me every week to re-hash the end of the world!  Reviews from each episode are over there to the left, unless they haven’t happened, yet.  –>


Be sure to check out my Blogroll over there to the right for great links –>, including my very own online Giant Bird Attacks Manhattan Horror Novel In Progress!


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